Harvey Ryan


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Harvey Ryan, is the CEO of Turnstone Holdings the parent company of Turnstone Custom Homes, Turnstone Builders and Stratus Commercial Contractors.  A Sussex County resident since age 10, Harvey began working in construction during high school. After majoring in Pre-Hospital Management at Youngstown State University, Harvey served as a Sussex County paramedic.  It is not an exaggeration to say that if you have lived here for a while you probably know someone that he has helped. Seeking a change from dealing with life-or-death situations on a daily basis, Harvey returned to his first love – construction. In 2004 he founded Turnstone Builders.

"Dave and I have always had the ability to capitalize on our respective strengths. It's easy because we share the same values – honesty, respect and genuinely caring about what we do. We collaborate on all of our projects and think our customers get a better result because of the influence each of us has on the project."  


Dave Eppes

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Dave Eppes, the Chairman of Turnstone Builders, joined the team in 2008. Dave started his 35+ year career as a CPA and then was instrumental in the success of several startup businesses. His management and financial expertise have enabled Turnstone to grow responsibly because of the robust management and accounting systems he has put in place.


"Harvey and Kelly are smart, articulate and dedicated. And they just love their work. I was excited by the prospect of bringing my financial and managerial background to this team. Prospective customers are correctly focused on the strength and staying power of their homebuilder. Together we have built a company that is as durable as our homes."