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How We Make Sure Your New Home is Perfect


How We Make Sure Your New Home is Perfect

Our Project Completion Checklist was developed internally based on the collective decades of hands-on experience of our senior management team and master craftsmen.  The checklist, which we complete prior to the final customer walk-through, contains more than 300 items.  It is organized by room, which facilitates an efficient inspection by our Vice President of Operations, Erin Bagnatori.  We are constantly refining and improving the checklist.

We consider the checklist to be highly proprietary and will not include it in full here, but these are some examples of checklist items:

  • Flooring clean and undamaged
  • All breakers labeled appropriately
  • All registers cleaned and painted black in wall cavity
  • Driveways, porches and decks pressure washed
  • All GFI outlets tested
  • Windows working smoothly
  • All switch and outlet plates clean and level with no paint
  • Crawl space clean - no standing water or trash

We could go on and on, but you get the idea…

Quality control and attention to details are crucial parts of the total customer experience at Turnstone Custom Homes.  Our Project Completion Checklist is just one way we ensure that your new custom home experience is a delightful one.  If you would like to learn more about the Checklist please visit our office for no obligation consultation.