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A Well-Designed Bonus or Flex Room Can Make Your New Home More Versatile

Bonus Room

A Well-Designed Bonus or Flex Room Can Make Your New Home More Versatile

More and more, new custom home clients are requesting that we design in a flexible space that can adapt over time as their needs and interests change.

When designing a bonus room, it is best to think of all the potential uses and design the space to check off as many boxes as may be relevant to you as your family and interests evolve. Before you decide where to place your bonus room, think about the space itself. Do you need proximity to the bathroom? Should it be easily accessible to guests? Do you need a quiet place for work, relaxation or hobbies? Are there creative and flexible furniture options that can add greater utility to your flex room?

 Common uses of a bonus room include:

  • A combination room - With a few flexible furniture pieces you can create a multipurpose room you can create a space that transitions with your short-term needs. For example, your home office could also double as a guestroom with the right furnishings
  • A home office - with the proliferation of “gig economy” jobs, even retirees are finding it is easy to generate extra income while working out of the home. A well-designed and quiet home office area is a huge help.
  • A playroom or game room - whether you have young children, teenagers, grandchildren or just like having a space to shoot a game of pool with your friends, a game room can make your home a gathering spot.
  • An extra bedroom - Downsizing is great, but sometimes we need the flexibility to create a space for children, aging parents or other relatives to move in.
  • An additional living room, den or lounge space – it’s great to have a second spot where people can gather to watch a movie, play video games or listen to music.
  • A home theater - fewer people are opting for a dedicated home theater these days, rather they are designing theater quality A/V into a multipurpose room.
  • A home gym
  • A “man cave” or “she cave” - many couples find that having a comfortable getaway space makes growing old together more comfortable.
  • A home library

For maximum flexibility, the best place for a bonus or flex room is on the ground floor, as far away as possible from the central gathering area of the home (usually the kitchen/great room) and close to a full or partial bathroom.

Our designers can help you incorporate a space that provides the most possible options as your situation changes.