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Doors or Drawers: Which is Best for Your New Kitchen Base Cabinets?


One of the best things about a total kitchen renovation/expansion is gaining more room for all the latest gadgets and gizmos that no longer fit into the typical foodie’s outdated kitchen. 

Yes, it’s great to create an open floor plan and a more spacious kitchen, but another important objective of most kitchen renovations is creating more storage space.

Kitchen design has come a long way, and there is no shortage of specialty cabinet types available to maximize space.  One question you will need to answer – is it better to use standard cabinets with pull out shelves or deep drawers in your base cabinets?

Many people are choosing deep drawers for at least some of their base cabinets.  In general, deep drawers offer maximum use of space and are better for organizing cookware, dishes, and pots and pans.  Fully opened drawers give total visibility to everything in the space – no dark corners to hide things.  Most drawers have one centered handle, allowing for easy one-handed opening and closing.  Drawers in base cabinets are also ideal for heavier items like cookware and dishes.  Drawers can be outfitted a peg system to keep dishes, mugs, and other items organized. 

Which option is best for your new kitchen?  If you are trying to update an existing kitchen with additional storage options, pull out shelves may be the best solution as they can be easily added to existing cabinets.  For a complete kitchen renovation, you have complete flexibility to design your storage in the way that suits you best, including using deep drawers to maximize storage and usability. 

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