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Kiplinger Again Ranks Delaware as a Tax-Friendly State for Retirees

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The analysts at Kiplinger have again ranked Delaware as a tax-friendly state for retirees. As happy as we are with this ranking, it doesn’t tell the full story for Sussex County residents. Among the ranking factors is the level of real estate taxes, which Kiplinger averages at the state level. But that doesn’t do justice to Sussex County, which has far lower real estate taxes than the state average.
According to Kiplinger, the real estate tax is $1,274 tax on the median Delaware home value of $233,100. But, according to SmartAsset, the tax on that property would be only $762 in Sussex County. With this adjustment made, we believe coastal Delaware would join Florida and Georgia as the most tax-friendly states on the Atlantic Ocean for retirees.

How do surrounding states fare?

Least Tax Friendly – Maryland and Connecticut
Not Tax Friendly – New York
Mixed – New Jersey
Tax Friendly – Delaware and Virginia
Most Tax Friendly – Pennsylvania

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