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The Perfect Roof Deck Surface – Pedestal Mounted Pavers

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The Perfect Roof Deck Surface – Pedestal Mounted Pavers 

We were recently asked to renovate a large roof deck for a customer.  The flat roof was leaking due to inadequate sloping and degradation of the surface.  We fixed the slope problem by installing tapered rigid insulation panels and installed a new EPDM membrane. These steps fixed the ponding and leaking problems but also created a sloped surface instead of the client’s preferred flat surface.  The exposed membrane would be subject to degradation over time as well as damage from furniture, etc.  The look was very “industrial”.  After searching far and wide for a viable solution we found what turned out to be the PERFECT solution, and our client is beyond thrilled with the outcome.

The solution we identified is manufactured by a company called TileTech Paver System.  The company manufactures porcelain paver tiles mounted on corner pedestals intended to “float” over an existing roof or deck surface. The corner pedestals are infinitely adjustable, allowing the installer to create a perfectly flat surface, even if the underlying surface is irregular or sloped. The pedestals include spacers which create a narrow gap between each paver. Rainwater runs through this gap and onto the underlying roof membrane. Because the pavers float on the pedestals, there is no need for any grout, and installation is relatively quick and easy. The pavers can easily be removed to provide access to the space below.

The result delighted our client, who remarked that the roof deck now looks like a high-end hotel roof deck in a fancy resort.

There are many advantages to these porcelain pavers. The pavers are:

  • Beautiful and available in several finishes including faux wood plank, stone, slate, travertine, seashell and many more
  • Light enough that structural reinforcement is generally not required, but heavy enough to resist uplift from strong winds
  • Completely non-porous – they will not stain or require sealing
  • Extremely abrasion and scratch resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • Cool to the touch (even in the hot summer sun)
  • Infinitely adjustable pedestal systems allow for perfectly flat application over irregular surfaces
  • Versatile and relatively inexpensive to install
  • Easy to remove or replace
  • For a higher gap between the membrane and the pavers PVC pipe can be cut to extend the height of the pedestals

The manufacturer’s website states that these pavers are ideal for both major commercial and residential projects alike and suitable for roof decks, rooftop terraces, balconies, plazas, walkways and pool deck areas.

Give us a call to learn if this system can work for your application.

Below are pictures that show how the system works:


Here is a closeup of one of the several pedestal varieties.


Here is a roof deck being installed over a membrane.  In this installation PVC is being cut to the desired lengths to create the correct height for each pedestal.