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2020 Summary

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2020 has been a year most would like to forget. While it has been challenging on so many levels, this year has been a true testament to the collaboration, work ethic, dedication and professionalism of our people.  As of this writing, our Team and their families are healthy.  I'm proud of how they managed to work every day through a global pandemic and remain healthy and laser focused.

As I shared in my May 2020 blog, we were more prepared than we knew to work through the pandemic. Coming into 2020, we invested countless hours improving and training our construction management and communication systems and policies.  As a result, we are stronger by every measure.

Thankfully, we were never shut down. However, some of our key suppliers were.  Several of our trade partners were impacted, making it harder to keep jobs on schedule.  This created some tough times (and frayed nerves) for us and some clients.  But for the most part those clients were very understanding, and I appreciate that.

In 2020 we added some top-notch construction professionals from around the region to the Turnstone Team. Today, I will compare my Team favorably to anyone in our market.  I can't tell you how fulfilling it is to come into work every day to collaborate with these remarkable people.

The impact of our investments in hiring, training and systems is directly reflected in unprecedented client satisfaction levels for projects completed in 2020.  In the last few weeks, we have received some of the most heartfelt and complimentary client reviews in our 17-year history.  As one client succinctly put it, “The Turnstone team went out of their way to ensure we were aligned, aware, happy and confident every step of the way.”  We recently received a letter from a client’s neighbor, thanking us for being “the most courteous home builder” to have worked in his neighborhood since he moved here in 2004.  We are building beautiful homes and making many new friends along the way!

Entering 2021, we are poised for our fastest growth in many years and we are prepared to manage it responsibly.  We are competing successfully at the highest levels of custom home building.  Our long-term relationship with one of the largest building material suppliers in the region allows us to easily navigate price increases and material shortages with minimal impact to our clients.  Our custom cabinet lines also allow our company to pass on quality and savings in new homes and renovations. 

In short, while 2020 was a struggle at times, it brought out the best in our people.

Like everyone else, I am looking forward to a return to normalcy where face to face meetings do not include masks and where I can shake my client’s hands!