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A Post for Pet Lovers


When designing a custom home, we take everything into consideration from the foundation to the shingles. But what if we also took into consideration our pets? As it turns out, there are a number of high-end amenities which can be added to custom homes that make both our lives and our furry friends’ lives luxurious. Some of these amenities include dog washes, dog friendly landscaping, and pet friendly paint and flooring.

Dog Washes: Nobody likes sand, dirt, or mud being tracked all over the house; especially when our pooch decides to roll all over the clean furniture. And when it’s time to bathe them, sometimes they escape from the bathroom or shake all the excess water off and get the entire bathroom soaked. A great way to help alleviate this is to build a dog wash. Here, you will have everything you need to clean your dog as well as including features to keep them from escaping and getting the rest of the house dirty or wet. Check out some ideas here.

Dog Friendly Landscaping: Some dogs are perfectly content relaxing inside the house all day. Other dogs are full of energy and need to run around outside. For dogs who need the latter, there are numerous considerations to look into such as non-toxic plants and mulches, shade, and fencing. There Are even options to create an obstacle course for dogs. Check out some more ideas here

Pet Friendly Paint: Choosing a paint color is always fun but pet owners have more to consider than just color. Pet owners should consider non-toxic paint options and colors and sheens to diminish the appearance of dings and smudges. Find out how to make the best paint decisions here.

Pet Friendly Flooring: Trying to choose the right flooring for you can be quite tricky; especially for pet owners. The inevitable accidents make some flooring choices better than others. For example, Cortec is luxury vinyl plank that is waterproof and looks like high end hardwood floors. Check out some pet friendly flooring options here

This article from LA Homes has some amazing tips for keeping your home safe for your pets. Click here to read the article.

Designing and building a custom home is an exciting time. When you put in the best finishes for you, your family, and your pets, your home will not only be beautiful; it will stand the test of time.