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Will Sonos Disrupt the Home Audio Market? - A Personal Experience

One of Turnstone Custom Home's owners discusses his experience using Sonos audio system in his personal residence. After installing the Sonos system this user believes that hard-wired music distribution systems have now been rendered obsolete. When you are planning your new home don't spend money on pre-wiring until you have investigated the Sonos system.

Why You Need and Automatic Leak Detection System for your Summer Home

What we learned is that there are two major types of systems. The first type uses leak detectors placed strategically throughout the house. When one of these detectors senses water it will shut off the water main minimizing the amount of damage. The second type of system senses unusual duration and/or volume of water flow and also shuts off the water main when a leak is suspected. We spent a fair amount of time assessing the pros and cons of each system and decided on a flow-based system manufactured by FloLogic, Inc.

NAHB Releases Home Buyer Preferences Study

The headline finding is that the majority of buyers – regardless of age – are looking for the same features in a community. The study, Housing Preferences of the Baby Boomer Generation, captures the opinions of more than 4,300 prospective home buyers and compares the wants of Boomers to those of seniors, Gen-Xers and Millennials.