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Many of our customers are new to the Delaware Beaches.  Others have lived here their entire lives.  Most are somewhere in between.  Regardless of your familiarity with the area, you will benefit from our knowledge when it comes time to choose a lot or community.

One of the most endearing things about this area is that there is literally something for everyone.  We are very knowledgeable about the unique characteristics of each of the communities that comprise the Delaware shore.  Allow us to help you narrow down your search to those communities that fit your lifestyle. Choosing a lot is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Among the many variables to consider are:

  • Views – Most of the communities we build in adjoin water.  We work to insure that your lot and home design optimize the water views from your new home.  We will bring our lift to your site so you can experience firsthand the potential views from various elevations.  Often overlooked is the need to PROTECT the views you expect.  You must understand what can be built around you, and plan for neighboring properties being built out to maximize THEIR view.

  • Lot orientation, Sun and Shade – Few factors affect the livability and efficiency of a home as much as sun and shade.  The importance of natural light cannot be overstated.  

  • Suitability for solar panels – If you’re thinking about solar, now or in the future, you will ideally want to find a lot that will accommodate solar panels on the rear of the house.

  • Lot size and building footprint – Tell us your desired living space and number of floors and we will help you work backwards to the necessary building footprint.  Setback requirements vary in different municipalities, so it is crucial to understand these building constraints.

  • Wind and Flood Zones – An understanding of wind and flood zones is an absolute prerequisite to intelligent lot selection along the shore.  Construction methods and costs can be dramatically impacted by these variables.  The cost and availability of insurance are also important considerations in wind and flood zones.

  • Floor Area Ratios (FAR) and Height restrictions – Several municipalities have their own height restrictions and maximum square footage relative to lot size.

  • Outdoor living potential – Indoor/outdoor living, cooking and dining are increasingly popular.  The pitch of your lot can greatly affect its suitability to desirable outdoor living spaces.

  • Privacy considerations – If you desire maximum privacy you must plan in advance and understand what can be built around you.

  • Access to municipal or county sewer and water vs. septic systems – we understand the complex requirements and the added costs inherent in advanced septic systems required near the water.

  • Suitability for geothermal systems – Not all soil conditions are suitable for geothermal systems. Is your head spinning yet?  

  • Don’t worry – Turnstone will help you intelligently address all these lot selection criteria!