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Current events at Turnstone and interesting blogs about construction, maintenance and other home related topics.

2020 Summary

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2020 has been a year most would like to forget. Although it was challenging on numerous levels, Turnstone has persevered thanks to our collaboration, work ethic, dedication, and professionalism. Read on to learn more.

Rooftop Pool Installation

Pool crane 2.jpg
This three minute video shows our people maneuvering a prefabricated swimming pool onto the roof of a home under construction - with a little help from a 120 ton crane!

We Were More Prepared for This Than We Thought!

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Nothing can prepare a small business for what has happened this year. But it turns out we were much better prepared than we thought. In this blog post we describe how our technological innovations have helped us not miss a beat as we transitioned to a brave new world while doing record volume.

Caribbean Lagoons Without The Caribbean

Caribbean Lagoon.jpg
Lagoon living isn't exclusive to vacations anymore. Now, you can live in a community that feels like a Caribbean Resort! Will this trend come to Sussex County? We think it's only a matter of time.

A Post for Pet Lovers

Pet lovers understand the tradeoffs that occur when you invite a furry friend to be part of your household. Our "pet-friendly" post discusses dog washes, landscaping, paint and flooring issues relevant to the health of pets and the sanity of their owners.

Turnstone Design Recognized in Houzz Article

Houzz.com recently recognized one of our kitchens designs for its creative space saving corner cabinets. Warning - these particular corner cabinets are not for the price conscious, but demonstrate what is possible to maximize your kitchen storage space.

What Inspectors Look For and What We Do

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All new homes in Sussex County are subjected to several inspections during the building process. Read about what the inspectors look for, and how Turnstone goes above and beyond what is required to ensure a quality build.