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NAHB Releases Home Buyer Preferences Study

NAHB Releases Home Buyer Preferences Study

One of the benefits of Turnstone Custom Homes being a member in good standing of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is access to all the research the organization sponsors.  One recent example is a study of home buyer preferences for community amenities.

Why is this important to you?  Because someday you are going to sell your beautiful new home from Turnstone.  So even if having a playground is not important to you, it may be important to a number of potential buyers of your home.

The headline finding is that the majority of buyers – regardless of age – are looking for the same features in a community. The study, Housing Preferences of the Baby Boomer Generation, captures the opinions of more than 4,300 prospective home buyers and compares the wants of Boomers to those of seniors, Gen-Xers and Millennials.

The study reveals that these different age groups have very similar tastes. They all desire to live in a community that’s typically suburban, close to a park area, and that has access to walking/jogging trails. Exercise rooms are still ranked among the most sought after community amenities. All of the groups – except Millennials ranked proximity to retail space in their top four (Millennials chose playgrounds as their fourth-most-wanted community amenity).

The other most desirable community amenities listed by all of the age groups included a swimming pool, lake and exercise room.

Playgrounds have minimal significance to the majority of seniors and boomers, but that may be short-sighted since future buyers might consider access to a playground (for kids or grandkids) more important.

In addition to community amenities, the survey covered many other items, including preferences in home size, layout, features, technology environmental impact and street design.

Turnstone Custom Homes relies on our membership in the NAHB to help us stay up to date with trends affecting our customers.

The full study is available for $89.99 at http://ebooks.builderbooks.com/product/housing-preferences-boomer-generation