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It is generally recommended that you interview at least three homebuilders.  

Key areas to cover in those interviews include:


  • How much experience does the homebuilder have with projects of a similar nature?

  • How is the company organized?  Who will you be dealing with over the course of the project?

  • How flexible is the builder?  Will they embrace the inevitable changes that will occur or are they more rigid and inflexible?

  • Is their standard construction contract fair and reasonable for both parties?

  • What references and testimonials can the homebuilder provide?

  • How strong is the builder financially?

  • What is the builder’s philosophy about bidding job costs?  Will they present a budget for the project that is truly reflective of the level of craftsmanship and materials you expect?

  • What is the homebuilder’s policy with respect to pricing change orders?

  • How does your project fit in to the builder’s construction schedule?  

  • What is the builder’s philosophy about service after the sale, including after the warranty period has expired?

At the end of the day the personal rapport you feel with your chosen builder often makes all the difference.  If you feel very comfortable with someone, make sure you understand what their role will be throughout the project.  Many prospective customers choose Turnstone without going through a complete competitive bidding process.  After spending a lot of time talking to our people and former customers they obtain a comfort level that makes them comfortable foregoing the time-consuming and stressful competitive bidding process.   It is both flattering and humbling – and it happens all the time!

The people at Turnstone take great pride in the close relationships we maintain with former customers and will be happy to introduce you to several of them so you can learn from their experiences.