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The Benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms - The New Standard in Coastal Construction

insulated concrete forms imageInsulated Concrete Forms (ICF) technology is the perfect choice for homeowners searching for the durability to withstand coastal conditions and the ultimate in energy efficiency and air quality.  Turnstone’s commitment to ICF technology is unsurpassed in this area.  In fact, we are the only certified Quad-Lock installer in Delaware.    

Our demonstration project at 34 Collins Avenue in North Indian Beach represents the new standard for coastal construction.  This project was built using the Quad-Lock© system, but there are several other ICF products available.  One of our major objectives was to demonstrate that concrete homes can be beautiful.  You can be the judge of our success…

Read the complete story of the construction of this amazing home as featured in the July 2011 edition of Concrete Homes Magazine

Katrina Concrete Insulation ImageWhen we were building the Collins Avenue home, one of our neighbors was paying particular attention.  His name is William Coulbourne, P.E. and he is a nationally recognized expert in the field of wind and flood hazard mitigation in the construction industry. Although he did not design the house and thus cannot make specific representations, he was kind enough to share this letter which is based on his ongoing, firsthand observation of the construction process. 

The benefits of ICF construction are numerous:

  • Safety – 4 hour fire rated walls give your family more time to escape a fire
  • Extraordinary resistance to high winds and floods
  • Energy efficiency – very high R-value and U-value, high thermal mass
  • No air infiltrations means no drafts and much higher air quality – dust, pollen and air pollutants have no entry point into the home
  • Smaller HVAC systems offset initial costs
  • Sound dampening – sound infiltration at 1/3 of traditional construction
  • Equal distribution of conditioned air – no hot spots or cold spots
  • No maintenance
  • Eliminates the possibility of rot, mold and mildew
  • No food source for insects and rodents
  • Environmentally friendly – minimal waste, no trees destroyed

Watch this fascinating video about the benefits of ICF construction. 

Quad-Lock Building Systems, Ltd. is dedicated to improving our environment & well-being by offering sustainable building solutions. Quad-Lock provides Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) systems for walls, floors and roofs that create very energy-efficient, comfortable, and safe buildings; and an insulation solution for the renovation & energy retrofit markets.